Top Ten Reasons
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Top Ten Reasons

Your partner may be Transgendered

10. He seems to know more about makeup than you do.

9. He asks you a lot of questions about fashion.

8. Your underwear seems stretched out.

7. Someone has rummaged through your things.

6. He likes to get chatty and share experiences.

5. He is catty about other women and what they are wearing.

4. He is able to accessorize you.

3. He finds excuses to shave his legs.

2. He "mistakenly" buys women's clothes his size & never returns them.

1. He stays on internet chat channels all night as Dawn.


Top 10 Reasons

To have a TG lover

10. At least the toilet seat will be down.

9. He is a lot easier to buy gifts for.

8. He knows right way to make love, takes his time & knows what makes you tick!

7. He understands the best thing a girl can have when she feels down is new clothes.

6. He understands the need for quality cosmetics.

5. He understands why you go through so many pairs of stockings.

4. He never expects you to get ready for a night out in 15 minutes or less.

3. You can take the Cosmo quizzes together.

2. He knows to walk slow when you're wearing heels.

1. Dress him up in a French Maid's Uniform and you have a house cleaner for the day.


Top 10 Reasons

You may be a (TG) Southern Belle

10. Buttons on the right side of your shirt confuses you.

9. You complain at work about your coworkers leaving the toilet seat up.

8. You consider a broken nail from a softball game a career ending injury.

7. You turn around whenever you hear the phrase, "Excuse me Miss" .

6. You go to "Hooters" & wonder how you'd look in orange.

5. You complain to your cable company for not having enough shopping channels.

4. CK One, a fragrance for a man or a woman, makes sense to you.

3. Your biggest concern for your wedding is whether you can wear white or not.

2. You aren't afraid to ask a saleswoman where you can find size 38A bras.

1. Visitors point at your pics and can't get over how much your sister looks like you.

To Hire a CD or TS

10. Who wouldn't want an employee who is DYING to go to work?!

9. We'll always be dressed impeccably

8. We'll work for less $$ for the opportunity to work as a woman

7. We'll think of your job offer as a 'dream come true' !

6. We'll give extra effort and work hard to prove we can do the job

5. We will enjoy just being at work, we'll always be good natured

4. We would recommend your company to any potential client/customer

3. We're eager to work, and anxious to do our best.

2. We won't be irritable for a week each month

and the #1 reason to hire TG:

1. We're capable people, and we deserve a chance.


Last modified: 12/24/13