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Denise Shick

 It would appear that Denise is taking up the torch put down, or not, by Jerry Leach There appears to be some question, even after he supposedly retired.

I have heard from a friend whose wife has been in contact with Denise. She appears to be counseling and told this wife that the individual could be “restored”. Denise’s qualification to counsel is that she worked/talked with Jerry for some years.

Jerry at one point claimed a PhD. I remember seeing it on one iteration of Reality Resources. From what I have seen Jerry had no formal training in counseling other than perhaps some classes in ministerial counseling at a small Bible College.

 There is very little information on the Help4Famalies web site concerning Denise other than she was hurt by her father transitioning. I am the first to admit that there is far too often collateral damage in relationships, this is the prime reason I feel strongly about helping transgender children to deal with gender issues early.

From the Help4Families web site

“One Sunday morning, my minister used the word admonishing. He told us this word can be described as “Someone giving you scripture that shows how your life is not lined up with how God would have you live.” My pastor continued saying that admonishing is not a "one time shot." He encouraged us to be persistent.

So what does that say to us in talking with family members involved with gender-identity issues? It not only says that we should line up the behavior of our loved one with what the Bible teaches but we must also speak the truth to them IN LOVE.”

From “Piece” on her web site, downloaded 9/18/09

 I have a couple of problems with this but the main one is that, concerning gender variance there is nothing negative in the Bible and speaking “truth” when it is based on subjective judgments and, not Biblical truth, is not truth.

“Though Scripture doesn’t directly address “transsexualism” (which is a 20th century term), it is talked about in the language of the day in which it was written, such as in Deut 22:5 (where the wearing of clothes of the opposite sex was absolutely forbidden and called an abomination); and in 1 Cor 6:9 (where male effeminacy and prostitution was considered worthy of being banned from God’s Kingdom. There is abundant insight from the Scriptures concerning how to live and not live. For example, Mark 7:20 clearly speaks to those very things that make a man unclean: evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly, many of which are found sooner or later within the experience of the trans-gender person.” From  down loaded 11/30/09

 It is quite evident that this at least in part came from some place else and I address this elsewhere   She would apparently appear to not understand that we are no longer under the Old Testament Law and of course ignores the surrounding context and other verses. She also unless she is a, the KJV is the inspired word, is not aware of the lack of the use of he word effeminate in other translations. We are all sinners and to aim Mark 7:20 and one group, taking it out of context, it was a response to the Pharisees, and certain of the scribes, which came from Jerusalem. Is immoral.

 I will be working on this in detail but a couple of observations, articles concerning etiology on the web site are by those known to be negatively biased concerning gender variance, (gross understatement). This web site appears to be aimed at those that are M to F TS. It tells us nothing about Denise or her qualifications.

since this was first posted I have been in contact with Denise and now know her qualifications.  As she stated and her hope gathering conference she plans on taking counseling classes.  My impressions of her and where she is coming from are going to be in the hope gathering subfolder.


Last modified: 12/24/13