Fetish Questionnaire

Why this questionnaire?

This is a subject that many find disturbing including those that are participants, for the most part it is considered culturally unacceptable. Information I have leads me to speculate there may be a physiological reason for a desire/need for fetish activity. The amount of research that I have found is negligible. 


Fetish Questionnaire, the term "fetish" F*  is used loosely to mean any general turn-on or something you feel you need to do, such as ponyplay or BDSM or messy fun or wearing rubber orů


Unless otherwise noted, please mark the single response that most accurately reflects your opinions and behaviors of the following issues.

Except for question one, these questions assume that the person filling out the form is a fetishist. If this is not the case, please adjust the questions accordingly. (e.g., instead of, "when did your spouse find out about your fetish," "and when did you find out about your spouse's fetish?").  The results will be posted on the results page as I have them .

This Survey will be used for research purposes only and any responses are completely anonymous. Optional E-Mail addresses will only be used for follow up questions and will not be identified with the results given with the survey. If this material is shared with other researchers e-mail addresses will be deleted. By taking this survey you consent to these conditions.



1. Who in your family is fetishist?


        I am a Fetishist.

        My spouse, significant-other, or ex- is fetishist.

        My spouse and I are both fetishist


 1.1.  Will your spouse be filling out this form as well? (We encourage it, although we don't

require it.)

        Yes, my spouse will fill out the form.

        No, my spouse will not fill out the form.

        Maybe my spouse will fill out the form


1.2 Sex (biological)





1.3 Gender (mental self image) [not a fetish] in this case if you identify as transgendered also click which subset and yes i know they are not as inclusive as some would want.




       CD Crossdresser

       TG Transgenderist

        TS Transsexual No Op

             TS Transsexual Pre Op

             TS Transsexual Post Op


1.4 Sexual orientation





2.1 Fetish check all that apply





Animal. Pony play, fur etc.


 Messy Fun






2.2 What is the physical aspect that you desire  check all that apply

             A feeling of confinement

A Feeling of sensuality

A feeling of helplessness

 A feeling of domination

 A feeling of pressure



 It is comforting



2.3 What do you get out of it? Check all that apply

 A sexual thrill

Adrenalin rush


 Relief from the pressure of the world






2.4 Visual imagery is a large part of fetish behavior and this question may seem a bit obscure, but trust me it does have relevance, check all that apply  

  I think in pictures only

 I think only in words

 I remember words, but not images well

 I can visualize things in three dimensions

 I can take a mental snap shot of an object or face and remember detail  

  I remember visual images very well


3 Chronology the when questions and this is approximate (I know my memory is not that good)


3.1 When did you first find out about the particular fetish/s

0 to 10 years, before puberty

11 to 14 early puberty

15 to 19 late teen

20 to 25early adult

26+ adult



3.2 When did you first decide that you were a ___

0 to 10 years, before puberty

11 to 14 early puberty

15 to 19 late teen

20 to 25early adult

26+ adult



3.3 When did you first actually engage in this activity?

0 to 10 years, before puberty

11 to 14 early puberty

15 to 19 late teen

20 to 25early adult

26+ adult


3.4 Approximately how often do you engage in fetish behavior .


More than once a week






3.5 If you identify as both transgender and fetishist which came first, this is a chicken or egg question and I am going to be a bit awkward in trying to pin down exactly which came first and did one lead to the other.  

  Fetish behavior came before cross gender activity

Cross gender behavior came before fetish

Fetish and cross gender behavior happened about the same time

I feel that crossdressing lead to fetish activity

I feel that fetish behavior lead to crossdressing


3.6  Fetishism level of intensities:

            Level 1: A slight preference exists for certain kinds of sex partners, sexual stimuli or sexual activity.
            Level 2: A strong fetish preference exists.
            Level 3: The fetish are necessary for sexual arousal and sexual performance.
            Level 4: The fetish takes the place of a sex partner.

4 Who knows, response


4.1  Who else is aware of your  fetish?   Check all that apply.

           Wife/husband/significant other


           Some family members                                  

          Some close friends know                             

           A counselor or therapist                                 

          Some Internet acquaintances                         

           Everybody we know, as I am publicly "out"     

          No one                                                         


 4.2 Marriage status


         Married, if so how long,   please fill this out even if you are not currently married

         We are separated




4.3 If you are divorced or separated, how big a role did your fetish play in the

dissolution of your relationship?

         It wasn't a factor.

        It was one of many factors.

        It was a major factor

        It was the biggest factor

        It was the only factor


4.4. At what point in your relationship did your spouse or significant other (SO) find out

     about your  fetish?

       Before we were married.

       After we were married but before we had children. 

       While the children were growing up.

       After the children were grown

       Other. Please explain.



4.5 There can be a cost to any activity, my fetish has cost me. Check all that apply.

           Wife/husband/significant other






           No cost

          It has had a positive benefit 




5 Relationships


5.1 What was your spouse or SO's initial reaction to your fetish?

        Very supportive

        Supportive sometimes


        Tolerant sometimes


        Very negative





5.2.How would you describe your spouse or SO's current attitude?

       Very supportive

       Supportive sometimes


       Tolerant sometimes


       Very negative





 5.2.2 Please take a few minutes and describe more about the degree of acceptance of your

fetish exhibited by your spouse or SO, perhaps providing some examples from

daily living related to his or her degree of acceptance.




5.3Under what conditions did your SO discover your fetish?    

       I told him or her

       Some one else told him or her

       He or She saw

       He or She found clothing or other items

       He or she found files in the computer




5.5 . If you told your SO, what preparation was made to ease the effect or prepare him or her? Check all that apply!

       None (just blurted it out)

       Consulted with a Therapist or Councilor

       Talked with knowledgeable friends

       Gathered information from books or other material

       Gathered information on the internet.




5.6. If you told your spouse in a planned manner, how did you go about it?

       The Tootsie approach (using Movies etc. to introduce the subject).

       The Halloween Approach (dressing for Halloween is usually culturally acceptable) and Oh I  would like to do this other times!

       The sit right down and explain Oh by the way dear I am a ___!




5.8 .Are you a member of a support group?

         Yes    Which one/s ?    



5.9. Is your SO a Member of a support group?

       Yes      Which one/s? 



5.10 Are you or have you seen a therapist, counselor, or mental-health professional for your gender variance?

       Have seen in the past

       Am seeing currently

       Have never seen.


 5.11. Has your SO seen a therapist, counselor, or mental-health professional?

       Have seen in the past

       Am seeing currently

       Have never seen.


5.12 .Does your fetish have an impact on social relationships with others?

       Yes, very Negatively

       Yes, Negatively

       Yes, Positively

       No, generally it has no impact

       No, it never has any impact.



5.13 .Does  your SO see your fetish as an overall intrusion in their life? (By intrusion, we have in mind something that comes at the expense of something else, or some other activity.)

       Yes, a serious intrusion

       Yes, as an intrusion

       Yes. However as an annoyance, not a serious intrusion

       No it is not an intrusion

       Rather than an intrusion, it is a positive feature



5.14  Your Church activity.

        Do not regularly attend church.

      Attend regularly once or twice a month.

      Attend once a week.

      Attend or is active more than once a week.



5.15  SO's church activity.

      Does not regularly attend church.

      Attends regularly once or twice a month.

      Attends once a week.

      Attends or is active more than once a week.


6 Self image


6.1 Would you state that the frequency of your desire to express your fetish is generally



      About the same



6.2 . Fetish activity. To what extent is this true with you?

      I am extremely irritable when unable to engage in this activity on a regular basis.

     I am somewhat more irritable when unable to engage in this activity on a regular basis.

     I am rarely more irritable when unable to engage in this activity on a regular basis.

     I do not become more irritable when unable to engage in this activity on a regular basis.


6.3 Most research, as well as practical life experience, suggests that it is difficult, perhaps even impossible, to change one's deepest gender/sexual orientations. If, however, science and medicine were to make such changes both possible and safe, would you? The magic pill would rid you of your fetish.

     Absolutely Yes

     Probably Yes


     Probably No

     Definitely No


6.4 A persons self image is very important to their mental health and is largely culturally controlled i.e. we tend to see ourselves reflected in a societal mirror. I see my self and my fetish activity as

      Just something that I find fun and stimulating.

      Part of who I am and something I have to do.

      A problem and something I wish I could do with out.

      A problem that is ruining my life.

      I would do anything to stop this.



6.5 Many/most religions feel fetishistic behavior is inherently sinful. I feel that

       There is nothing wrong with what I am doing.

       There is nothing wrong with what I am doing as long as I hurt no one else.

       This is morally neutral neither good nor bad.

       This is sinful but no worse that any other sin.

       This is a sin and I will burn in hell for it.



 6.6 Have you found educational and support material helpful?

   Yes, very helpful

   Yes, somewhat helpful

   Only slightly helpful

   Not very helpful

   Not helpful at all

   I have not been able to find educational or support information.

  If you have found educational and support material helpful, what are the type(s) of material/information? Any specific titles or authors?



6.7 Some in an effort to deal with a behavior out side the cultural "norm" self medicate alcohol and other drugs are used. Would you say that?


   Moderate, nonproblematic use

   Heavy, nonproblematic use

   Heavy use, associated with moderate life problems e.g. DUI

   Heavy use associated with serious life problems e.g. job loss

   Substance dependence associated with life and health problems


 7.1 For tracking purposes only I will ask for your E-mail address and geographic area. this is strictly optional!  We may however contact you to ask for additional details. This will be kept confidential. if the results from this questionnaire are shared with another researcher e-mail address will be removed.          


7.2 Location, This is a general question, example, I live near Toledo Ohio USA



7.3 This is for general comments, other questions I should add or change. I am very willing to admit ignorance and the structure of the questionnaire is such that changes can be made easily. If you would like me to contact you this is the place to let me know.



 7.4 Cultural Identity.


    Pacific Islander


    Native American (North or South America)









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