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WHAT happens when you become the person you truly are? One of the fears that we have is what we will be when we have unleashed “Her or Him”. If I dare to let the feelings, hurts, anger I have kept under such tight control out?

This means tearing that wall so carefully constructed over a life time down. So often this starts a real chain of events. Observed is what I call gender euphoria where he or she is OUT and wants to FLY!  The effect is some times something of a lose cannon and many times much pain is given and received during this process.

You also find out that the feelings you have are not Bad. You can be emotional express your inner feelings and self. As you continue you find that YOU are starting to have other feelings and they are starting to form a new sense of self that is while complex is also more complete. The down side to this is that you are still at odds with much of what our society/culture finds “acceptable”

Last modified: 12/24/13