The Tyranny of Passing 2
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The Tyranny of Passing 2


Do we really “PASS” for the most part most of us do not. I am 5’ 18” in heels and a size 20.

Do I “PASS” not a chance. Do I care, not really. I am expressing a gender other than male or female! Last Saturday those of us attending a Lambda-Mu meeting went out to dinner in the Chinese restaurant in the motel where we meet. We were served by the owner (something of an honor) and made to feel welcome. The only stares I could see were from a couple of young children.


Around the turn of the centaury there was an opera singer or more correctly a singer who sang opera she was rich and could and did hire expensive halls. But if you have ever heard a recording of   Florence Foster Jenkins you would remember, it is truly painful unless you are tone deaf. In an interview with her accompanist he was asked if she knew how off key she was and he replied no. She would even listen to recordings of her self and others and criticize them. Asked about the audiences he indicated they were polite! 


Are you passing or are they polite?

Last modified: 12/24/13