In a conversation with Kathy, wife of Darcy one of the Lambda-Mu wives (tri-ess) we were discussing the ups and downs of her acceptance levels of Darcy.

I should explain that I had recently disabused her of the fact that all of the wives were supportive and accepting. Most are at varying levels of tolerance. In our discussion she asked why she had trouble with accepting Darcy as a part of her life! 

My comment was that "There is no place for us in our culture" 

I am finding that in every culture I have looked at from prehistoric to present had a place for those that are gender variant. All of them had words for three or more genders. Chinese, Roman, Greek, Hebrew, New World, Pacific Rim. Etc. 

Our culture does not have a place for us. I can speculate as to why our does not. But at this point my concern is what are the consequences of a "lack of place".

We are submerged, in hiding!

If we were accepted members of our society.

* We would not feel guilty for what we ARE!

* We would be valued for our differences and special gifts.

* We would not be getting a divorce because we must express what we are.

* We would be in a church because what we are would not be a sin!

 What I am doing is very broad generalization! See what you can add to this list and think of the implications, they run very deep.

Last modified: 12/24/13