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Morsels from My Mailbox


Has it ever occurred to you what the postal person who delivers your mail knows about you? Your mail can reveal a great deal about who you are. They will know the names of the banks you deal with, who provides your long distance service, and what credit cards you use. They know what magazines you subscribe to, and if any are delivered in “plain paper wrapper.” (And that’s a revelation all by itself.) They know on which catalog mailing lists your name appears and if you are on frequent flier lists or take cruises. They probably know what church you attend, and if you are super health conscious. Do you belong to a gym? On a diet program? Taking prescription drugs? How many people are receiving mail in your household? And do you get a lot of personal mail?

 Well, I’ve come to the opinion that my e-mail boxes reveal an awful lot of “stuff” about me, too! First off, if I have an e-mail account, I obviously have at least one computer. Tiger Direct loves me! I get regular “special” offers only delivered to their finest customers. Heck, I even get letters directly from Carl Fiorintino...their president! And I don’t know how they know that I am one of the few who haven’t “kicked the habit,” but the Indians are really, really desperate to help me further that bad habit and even have offered to send me free candles. (How do they know that stuff?) What else is there...? Well, of course, the letters from Mom...well not really letters. Mom’s idea of communication is merely forwarding a bunch of things she received by e-mail. Of course, each of those communiqués has just a tad bit of politics included. Need I say that Mom and I are not of the same “political persuasion.”  So we have established several things here. First, I have a computer. Secondly, I still have that “nasty habit.” And third...I have a Mom and am bold enough to disagree politically with her.  

What else is there?  Well, if reach way to the back of the box, stuck in the far corner is a scrap of paper with what looks like some writing on it. Ah, it is one of those articles I was working on editing for my sister who is putting up a new website. Seems like we both share a passion for helping young people. I met her when a young person contacted me with some needs for counseling. I was referred to her while looking for sources of professional help. She knows I do a lot of writing and asked for help editing the new website. It also looks as if I collect a lot of jokes. In fact, sometimes it would appear that I am in training for a stand up comic routine. But, in fact, these are “pay-off” for other articles I have written for an on-line newspaper. The pay isn’t much, but it is steady! So now you have found out that I am a writer, have a passion for helping young people, and have an insatiable interest in the world wide web and a great appreciation for the people who give of themselves to put the information out there for all of us. 

There are several pictures in my mailbox. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. The first one is taken at a fancy party of some kind. There is a person in the picture in a sapphire blue evening dress of sequins and blue velvet. It would look like it must have been a winter ball of some sort. There is also a picture of some foam padding...strangely shaped...and directions on how to shape the foam, situation it, and keep it in place for emphasizing my nearly non-existant hips. Oh, and a whole folder filled with pictures of breast forms. So, what do you know about me now, Mr. Mailman? I have a computer, have a presence on the web, politically challenge my mother, am a child activist who writes, and has an addiction to cigarettes. But what about those pictures? Why would any reasonably sane appearing woman have a collection like that? Well, in my case it is because I have a CD hubby...and what is most surprising is that his circle of friends, his TriEss sisters, have taken me into the fold. I have more current e-mails in my mailbox from MY CD-ing sisters than he has in his. His CD-ing has introduced me to a wonderful group of people with whom I would not have met. They have offered me things that only friends can, and that money cannot buy. They have extended the hand of friendship, have been there for me when I needed assistance and assurance, offered a smile on a gray day, a phone call just to say “Hi,” and even were willing to “share the clothes off her back” with me. Where else could I have found such loving sisters? For these are the truly cherished “morsels from my mailbox.”

Carol Leigh

Last modified: 12/24/13