Last Voyage


  Last Voyage

The wood was old and sea-turned gray,
Yet 'twas that ship I loved that day
Which sailed beyond my sight.

White sails tattered and yes, they shook,
From cold north winds that overtook
The ship but ne'er its pride.

Ev'ry hewn plank and salted nail
I thought in heart would ever sail,
Within our fleet at night.

But Wind did blow a homeward breeze.
And called the ship to take its leave,
And sail to Captain's side.

What angel crew now mans the deck?
What form will ship now resurrect?
I know not 'till first light.

But we in whites on pier now stand,
Christ and sailors uplifting hands
Though we much tears have cried.

Aye and then; yea once again,
Into the port of heaven
Sails a much loved friend.

Caryn LeMur on the death of her mother April 18th

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