Hmmmmm... labels are important.

I mean, come on....

Especially on soups. Campbell 's is a label I like. Swanson is a no no.

Or, Cannon ... on a camera. [the label of Cannon on a tube of steel should be pointed the other direction, by the way.]

I really hate eating 'roots', 'flower buds', and 'fungus'. But a lunch of butter on steaming carrot, cauliflower, and mushrooms is pretty good. And spreading goose liver on unleavened bread, well, yanno, the way the French say it makes it sound quite edible.

Them little black fish eggs with salt. Yum. Curdled sheep's milk with bacteria. oooooo. gosh, I'm working up an appetite, yanno? <s>

But, being serious for a moment, how about the labels of 'in love', 'all in', or 'I've got you babes'?

Sandy, I was outwardly a guy. Even tried a beard at one point. It was cute. I trimmed it oh-so-carefully. I worried about the gray tuft showing on the chin. Bonnie married me. Cool. Years later, I transitioned to living as a woman. We are still married. With no beard, even. On either of us.

Bon was worried about the 'labels'. She was a church-person, and could never be called a lesbian any more than a cannibal of children - I mean, her church somehow taught her that those labels were equal. [re-read note on 'Cannon'... not all labels are equal, yanno...<g>]

Me, well, you can call me anything, and I really don't care. I love to have conversations ... so the labels teach me a lot about the other person. My current label is the following:

computerscientistta llchickhelpingto paintmotherinlaw 'shouse.

Sounds like a sinner to some; sounds like a normal person to me....

But, Bon no longer could be called heterosexual, because she decided to stay married to me, and did not want to sin against God by lying. Lying to God is a big sin, because you might fool Him. If you fool God, then He gets mad like 'Mother Nature' did on old TV commercials ('it's not nice to fool Mother Nature').

And, Bon could not be called a 'lesbian', without thoughts of penance, repentance, and confession of dark sin entering her mind. Lesbian... cannibal... Lesbian.... cannibal.... each has three syllables... must be a Satanic coincidence, yanno?

For weeks this was a BIGGGG Problem. Not to me. Just to Bon.

I learned that this was no longer a joke. And finally, treated it seriously.

We prayed.

We sought God.

We discussed this with our counselor at $100 per hour. Really.

I checked my bank account, and got desperate.

I even asked God to consider shaving His beard.

Then, we had an insight.

We finally settled that Bon is Not homosexual. Not heterosexual. Not bisexual.

Bon is simply Caryn-sexual.

Somehow, that worked for her.

Problem solved.

There is no difference between a label and a fable - each requires belief in a simplistic non-truth. Each requires the heart of a child. But "When I was a child, I behaved as a child. When I became a man, I continued using labels....' or, does it say something a bit different... gosh, I can't quite remember....<g>

Much love in Christ;  Caryn

(c) Copyright 2009, Caryn LeMur - used by permission of the authoress.

Last modified: 12/24/13