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Gender Euphoria

I have been mulling this over since Be All.

Why are the monthly Tri-Ess meetings the outreach through the University of Michigan, and such events as Be All and Southern Comfort so important.

 Part of the “coming out” process, and realistically it is life long, and a process, involves dealing with the feelings we have about ourselves as T*’s.

 The vast majority of us have suppressed and hidden that portion of our selves. We learn very early on that, She or He is not acceptable to those around us, those on which we rely to be our mirror to our worth. This is a very subtitle and force full portion of our upbringing. 

 When we start coming out in a real way, venturing out of that “closet” or “prison” some times all hell breaks lose. I suppressed Sandra for 40+ years and she did not want to be restrained ANY LONGER, and still doesn’t. 

Now mine was fairly restrained in comparison to some, but that is not what I am trying to convey.

Why is it so important for me to be going to a Tri-Ess meeting or Be All or?

To put it very simply it is an affirmation and acceptance of the part of me that was so long hidden and suppressed. That experience is very powerful and unfortunately one we may not be getting at home. To walk into your first meeting and absolutely realize you are not alone is an experience I will not ever forget. To see others who come to our chapter have that same experience is equally powerful.

It is one of the reasons I work to get others into a group.

It goes beyond that though; there is a bond with my sisters and brothers that I have rarely experienced with others, a letting down of the defenses we work a life time to build. I was discussing with Cathy Andrews in the time we had together at Be All that sense of trust and openness. I have not yet had a bad experience as a result of that trust with a brother or sister. And I can if I know of a sister or brother that needs it, put out a call and find some one close to them willing to go the extra mile. 

 So why is it so important? Because you are acceptable just as you are.


Last modified: 12/24/13