Guilt & Satan
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I have some real problems with the good doctors stance in many areas and my personel feeling is that he has painted himself into a corner concerning a number of political Judge-Mental hot button issues i.e. gay marriage abortion etc. to the exclusion of such issues as poverty and rights.

This however I think is right on.




Q. If guilt conveys a condemning message from our conscience, is it accurate to say that guilt feelings always contain a message of disapproval from God, too?


A. No. Let me state with the strongest emphasis that God is not the author of all such discomfort. Some feelings of guilt are obviously inspired by the devil and have nothing to do with the com­mandments, values, or judgment of our Creator. They can even be a powerful weapon Satan uses against us. When you set yourself an ethical standard that is impossible to maintain, he can gener­ate severe feelings of condemnation and spiritual discouragement.


Q. Would you explain your statement that a sense of guilt is sometimes inspired by Satan?


A. Second Corinthians II: 14 says that Satan can present himself as "an angel of light," meaning he speaks as a false representative of God. Accordingly, it has been my observation that unde­served guilt is one of the most powerful weapons in the devil's arsenal. By seem­ing to ally himself with the voice of the Holy Spirit, Satan uses the conscience to accuse, torment, and berate his victims. What better tool for spiritual discourage­ment could there be than pangs of false guilt that make you feel you cannot be forgiven?

The Bible describes Satan as being enormously cunning and vicious. He is not at all like the comical character depicted in popular literature, with a pitchfork and a pointed tail. He is "a roaring lion looking for someone to

devour" (1 Peter 5:8). In fact, he is a threat even to those whom God has elected and received as His own. Thus, it has been my observation that Satan does not give up on the committed Christians merely attacks from a different direc­tion. One of those directions is instilling undeserved and irrational guilt.

Last modified: 12/24/13