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Denise Shick 

Everything comes from some place.  I now feel I have a better understanding of where Denise is coming from and what has shaped her thinking.  I will be sent this to her to check that my notes are correct and that my understanding is not too far off how she feels. She declined to respond so I now feel free in posting it. 

Denise states that her dad suffered from GID (gender identity disorder) and that he appeared to be angry much of the time, she also stated that he tried to explain it to her at age 9. I am guessing that from other things she said that this was probably between 25 to 35 years ago but I don't remember her saying specifically.  

She stated that her father fondled her and her interpretation of this was that he was trying to live through her femininity and that he also wore her clothes. No matter his feelings or understandings this comes under the heading of pedophilia and clearly created a great deal of trauma for her.  She also stated that this lead to grieving, depression and shame which eventually morphed in to anger. 

He traveled to Thailand where he had SRS, nothing was said however about whether he was follow the Benjamin standards of care, that he'd received counseling. One of his revealing statements was that “I thought becoming a woman would fix everything”. 

As an adult she sought to understand her dad and visited him at the time after it was discovered that he had esophageal cancer.  She found out that her father had been abused, and was not accepted the classic lost boy and that he had been molested. 

She stated that she felt that she could fix him, only with God's help. 

Last modified: 12/24/13