I am going to try and do something a bit different here and that is to come up with a table of contents with a specific purpose. Along with just what is here I intend to try and direct you to what order I think you should read pages in.

So what we will have will be a listing of specific areas and those pages that are related in the order I think you should read them.  Now is that egotistical or what?    There will also be pages from different sections that may not seem related such as from the historical and cultural with dealing with wives.

The section closest to my heart and where I had the most problem is concerning my being a Christian and being transgendered!


  • Transformed Before God Welcoming Transgendered Jews a recent article from Tikkun



  • Reparative Therapy this is a major paper I have worked on for school and that will explain some of the odd additions. This will be altered as I have time and the professor wants me to prepare it for publication.


  • Created This Way  this covers the why and how we are transgendered.

    This is the start of a new section, looking into the medical reasons of why we are gender variant

  • When does it happen Medical explanation, and something I need to work on, some new info available 
  • Gender Variance This is a Power Point presentation and I was playing with various features.  This is a Power Point presentation, if you do not have PowerPoint on your computer you will need the viewer from MS Viewer


  • Are We Eunuchs in searching for the historical mentions of T*'s in the Bible.

    This is the Historical and Cultural section it rather shows my anthropology training. I feel it gives us a sense of perspective, knowing that this is nothing new, and has been around since before recorded history.

  • Historical


  • Personal This is my story and some pictures. I felt it was a good idea to know who I am 
    • In front of a class in a skirt, my experience making presentations to classes as Sandra
    • Gender Euphoria One of the problems with those newly accepting who and what they are
    • Photo 1 OK so some vanity and I like to know what people look like.
    • Photo 2 What else I do.
    • Photo 3 Friends

    These are research projects I started concerning how to tell children about their gender variant parents and telling Wives/So's. Questionnaires to help find out what works and what doesn't and when to tell! Please if you have Kids and have told them then contribute by filling out the questionnaire. And if you filled out this one it means you can fill out the other one :) The results are posted here and are updated periodically, OK the period is fairly long but you do actually see some results.


  • Telling Children Questionnaire, research on how or how not to tell children.


  • Telling Wives/SO's
  • About Time This is the entry page for results (there are some)

Self acceptance is a HUGE issue with most of us.

This is the start of a new section, looking into the medical reasons of why we are gender variant

Prisons we build, to deny who we are!

Miscellaneous items, Hmmm.

Legal Presidents

    This is a new section and it may seem a bit out of my usual line of inquiry but there is, honest and true a reason. a Fetish in the original sense of the word was an object or ritual used to release a part of something deep inside us. I have also found evidence that there is a biological reason for having a fetish in the modern sense.    

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