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 Fun things trannies can say in elevators

OK so this is not entirely serious

1. Take your meds and offer some to the men, commenting, "you'll have hooters in no time, wanna see?"

2. Ask someone to help you get your post earrings in, saying, "I'm kinda new at this"

3. In a deep voice, ask a woman for a tampon. Then laugh when she looks at you weird and say, "just kidding. I don't even have a vagina yet."

4. Put lipstick on badly, then say, "I'm a transsexual. I bet you couldn't tell, huh?"

5. Mutter to yourself like a schizophrenic while you hold an ice pack to your face, "only 540 more hours to go and my beard will be gone. Then I can start on my genitals."

6. Put your skirt on backwards and ask a guy, "Is the zipper supposed to go in the front or the back? I can't remember how my wife used to wear this thing."

7. Ask the women, "when the elevator goes down, do your boobs feel weightless too?"

8. Look at your skirt profile in the mirror and mutter, "I'm not sure I tucked it away enough." Then ask, "Do you think I'm bulging too much?"

9. Rip off your wig in disgust, stuff it in your purse and say, "That was my 15th interview. Why won't anyone take me seriously as a woman?"

10. Say, "I saw that were looking at me in the mirror...I know what you're thinking...that's a transsexual, right? A woman trapped in a man's body...and you're right, I know my boobs aren't big enough yet...and you're probably thinking who am I kidding, right? But, look, I've felt this way all my life, and I'm really mentally intersexed...OK? AND I'M AM NOT OVERREACTING AND WHY IS EVERYONE LOOKING AT ME AND DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT THE HORMONES MUST BE MAKING ME WEIRD OR SOMETHING!"

Pray for my sanity,


Last modified: 12/24/13