The whole conviction of my life now rests upon the belief that loneliness, far from being a rare and curious phenomenon, peculiar to myself, and a few others, is the central and inevitable fact of human existence. Loneliness creates an unbearable stalemate in most of us. Desperate to be known, accepted understood and loved, we peer through the iron bars of our hiding places, daring at times to risk an exposure of our real selves, only to be greeted with hostility and rejection: and so we are driven deeper into ourselves.

We are like a timid flower who longs to unfold its beauty to the world, but is beset by frost and insects, developing blight, clasping its petals firmly to itself and hiding its face from all…. We search long for someone who can be trusted with the revelation of our true selves without showing the slightest rejection, and we listen with hope to the talk of love among mortals, only to find in our experience that all too often the only communication we are ever offered is mask to mask, not face to face,

So, shut up within, we live our quietly desperate lives… Our only companions are our fears, guilt, sense of inadequacy and loneliness.

Many times we are driven so deep within our selves that we lose all hope of reality and all sense of personal identity. We search for medical, psychiatric, and spiritual answers and help, clinging only to the hope of survival for life.

We say with sorrow, "There is no one I can talk to, for no one understands me."

    Oh but there is someone who truly knows and understands us.

Someone who we can entrust our deepest and innermost thoughts to and some one who we can stand firm in the knowledge that He has total acceptance of us just as we are.

The true answer to self-acceptance, is to find acceptance with God!

If we are to be free at all, then we need desperately to see ourselves- our true selves, through His eyes, Accepted and loved this very moment,  AS WE ARE.

If we don’t, then we will languish in our prisons forever, that is we will be continually waiting for some human, who will love us when we are unlovable, accept us when we are unacceptable, and understand us when we are beyond human understanding.

Only God, in Jesus Christ, can meet the needs of our hearts. In His presence we can be what we are, without fear…Let us take off our masks; and be freed from the need of mans acceptance; and learn the glory of being alone without being lonely; and blossom in the sunshine of His love. In Him and His love we will discover our origin and destiny.

That we were created to receive the revelation of His eternal love!


Last modified: 12/24/13