The Gender Tree
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Why Gender Tree

In our culture we tend to think in terms of a dichotomy when we think of gender, Female or Male. 

I was in a really boring meeting one day and realized I am as guilty of this sort of thinking, even though I am  “gender variant”. I realized we need a new model that was three dimensional, and visualized a tree with its almost infinite branchings.

The body of Christ is divided all too often, because of our natural tendency to be uncomfortable with people who are different. This writing, and the pages that follow, are an attempt to both educate and challenge Christian believers to “Test everything, [and] hold on to the good” in obedience to 1 Thess. 5: 21 (NIV). To lay aside their learned reaction to such individuals, and take an honest look at the scriptures, and their own hearts.

  I have dealt with guilt and shame and fear most of my life. My goal is to help those that are gender variant  to understand that what you are, is not inherently wrong or sinful! 

By the grace of God you are what you are.
Glory in who and what you are. Accept yourself!

Eph 2:10
For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,
 which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Respect yourself you have a right to be here!
Make the most of your self.
Create the kind of person you will be happy to live with the rest of this life.
Be gentle with your self, learn to love your self as God already loves you.
Learn to forgive yourself, as God has already forgiven you through Christ!

"All those whose lives are spent searching for truth are well aware that the glimpses they catch of it are necessarily fleeting, glittering for an instant only to make way for new and still more dazzling insights. The scholar's work, in marked contrast to that of the artist, is inevitably provisional. He knows this and rejoices in it, for the rapid obsolescence of his books is the very proof of the progress of scholarship." ~ Henri Pirenne

Again a long time since I updated the front page. On a personal note I had a near fatal heart attack last year. I recognized the symptoms and my GP is with in a quarter mile of my house he instantly said call the squad and they made very good time to the Toledo Hospital cath lab. In the ambulance I was thinking "I have some questions for God, maybe I will get the answers soon". I arrested on the table and woke up some time later with burn marks on my chest where they shocked me nine times, (they usually stop at six).  Repeatedly I heard, "this is one they will study". I have no heart damage and I got to watch the second echocardiogram when they did not believe the first one in the hospital.

For those of you that are younger I have a web site for transgender kids, their parents and school counselors. this is very much a cooperative effort with a number of contributors.

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